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Keep Your Audience Engaged on Facebook with These Expert Tips

Social media is a prime destination for building relationships, networking, and nurturing prospective real estate clients. With nearly 2.5 billion active users, Facebook is the largest social networking site in existence with no signs of slowing anytime soon.  There are a lot of platforms to consider when you begin or enhance your social media marketing […]

3544 SECURE Notarization Act

This message is critical and requires immediate support for real estate transactions to continue for buyers and sellers. To our valued partners, We ask that you voice your support for the inclusion of the SECURE Notarization Act bill in the emergency package currently being brought before Congress. It is essential that Congress pass this legislation quickly so […]

Being a Dependable Resource For Your Clients

As the coronavirus situation continues to escalate, the appropriateness of face-to-face contact with clients has become dicey at best, and should most likely just be avoided at this time. What can be done with newfound work from home time? This could be an office distraction free time to focus on building relationships and prospecting by […]

COVID-19 Closing Options and Policies to Limit Contact

We continue to monitor the recommendations issued by public health agencies as the situation surrounding COVID-19 evolves. In order to adhere to CDC “social distancing” recommendations, we have implemented the following policies and adopted the closing procedures outlined below in order to reduce the number of people attending closings. Most importantly, please do not attend […]

Is Chicago’s Central Loop, a longtime financial district, about to diversify with high-value residential?

The center of gravity of Chicago’s central business core expanding beyond the Loop is hardly news. For decades now, the city that is home to the skyscraper has continued to outgrow those legacy skyscrapers and overflow into other areas, including many none would have expected to attract such kinds of development (try telling a tourist […]

Five tips for a successful real estate email marketing campaign

Whether you’re a real estate agent or a real estate attorney, email marketing should play a prominent role in your overall marketing strategy.  Let’s take a look at some of the steps you’ll need to take to build a foolproof email marketing strategy for your real estate business or real estate law firm.  Build a […]

How to Grow Your Real Estate Law Firm’s Email Marketing List

In real estate, technology is constantly evolving, but one thing that has remained consistent over the last 20+ years is email. Every real estate agent has an email address and most real estate agents check their email multiple times throughout the day (and that might be an understatement!).  If you want to reach real estate […]

Most Cook County Submarket Average Home Prices Continuing to Grow

Rampant buzz about an impending economic slowdown had not yet taken effect in most of Cook County’s housing markets in the second quarter of 2019, according to recent data from the DePaul Institute for Housing Studies (IHS). Their Cook County House Price Index continued to show widespread gains, and not necessarily in the areas you […]

Take These Steps to Prevent Wire Fraud

Last month, a local market attorney received an email from a client confirming that they had received his email with updated wire instructions for an upcoming transaction, and had sent the payment.  Just one problem — the attorney hadn’t sent any email with “updated wire instructions.” Upon a closer look, the client had received an email from the […]

Six New Real Estate Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business in 2020

As a new decade approaches, many of us are getting a head start on goal setting and real estate marketing planning for 2020. Real estate attorneys are doing all of that while gearing up for the busiest season of the year — the spring real estate market.  If one of your goals for 2020 involves […]

How to Make the Most of Real Estate Networking Events

Whether you are a partner at a law firm or you own your own practice, you can’t underestimate the value of networking. Networking with real estate agents can help you build your book of business, broaden your professional skill set, and most importantly, build relationships that are critical to career growth and success.  The problem […]

Title Insurance: Here is What Home Buyers & Home Sellers Need to Know

Buying or selling a home may feel like a complicated process. Between choosing a real estate agent, setting a budget or sales price, navigating the mortgage approval process, comparing properties, negotiating offers, understanding closing costs and heading toward closing day, there is enough jargon involved to make anyone’s head spin. One of those terms that […]

Fraud Watch: 8 Tips to Prevent Wire Fraud

Buying a home is one of the most important purchases of your client’s life. You can help protect them from wire fraud by working with a title company that gives you control over your transaction. It is important to be on the offense to defend against fraud by communicating with your client upfront. Most buyers [...]