Discover Why it’s Better to Work with Landtrust National Title for Title Insurance

Landtrust manages your transaction with a team of dedicated professionals who are focused on helping you reach your goals.

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance protects your property against future liens and claims.

  • The premium is paid upfront and one time, not annually like traditional insurance
  • It covers the buyer, as long as they remain in that home, from any past claims that may come up in the future
  • It protects you from risks that have happened in the past:
    • Another owner who has interest in the title
    • Liens on house, either present or future, such as taxes, association fees, judgments or loans
    • Improperly handled or recorded documents
    • Encroachments
    • Fraud

Closing or “settlement” is the meeting where you will sign the final mortgage documents and the property will legally be transferred to you. Typically it involves you and any co-borrowers, your attorney, a closing agent and your real estate agent.

Prior to closing, you’ll want to contact your real estate agent to determine how much money you will need and what steps are required to complete the transaction.